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We all want our homes to be comfortable and  a place where we can relax and enjoy time with family and friends. 

House temperature though can play toll with your comfort levels thus roof ventilation is a very important investment especially in Melbourne.  The appropriate roof ventilation can help by creating an environment that is cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter. 

Roof ventilation can also assist in making your home more energy efficient and reduce the cost of heating and cooling, which accounts for around 38% of a typical home’s energy use.  With energy costs predicted to rise in the near future , roof ventilation is a great investment for any home.

Whirley Birds or Turbine Vents are a wind driven roof ventilator that are available in 25 colours and can be installed easily by Melbourne Roof Cleaning and Restoration’s experienced tradespeople.


Whirley Birds - Roof Ventilation

How it Works:

In the Heat:

Melbourne’s weather is quite extreme.  In the heat of Summer the temperature in your roof can reach in excess of 70 oC. This heat entering from the roof radiates downwards causing discomfort in living and working areas and forcing air conditioners to work harder.  Even ceiling insulation can be less effective by an increased heat load.  A roof ventilator will cool your ceiling cavity, stopping the hot air from entering into your home.

In the cold:

Water vapours from showers and cooking can be absorbed into roof spaces in the colder months.  Unfortunately this moisture can condense and could result in increased mildew on walls and ceilings and contribute to a damp environment.  A roof ventilator can assist in removing this moisture from your home.

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