Roof Repairs Melbourne


Ongoing roof repairs and roof maintenance are imperative in Melbourne.  The harsh weather along with the strong wind and rain can play toll to cement, terracotta and tin roofs irrespective of their age. 

By being proactive and contacting Melbourne Roof Cleaning and Restoration, we can inspect your roof and identify any issues or potential problems and provide you with a free roof inspection report and quote.  By acting early it often helps avoid more serious or extensive damage to your roof in the long run. 

Some of the types of issues that can affect your roof in Melbourne and may need roof repairs includes:

q Broken, Shifted or Cracked Roof Tiles

q Build up of Moss and Lichen on Roof Tiles

q Unsealed Areas on the Roof

q Rust Spots

q Water  and Overflow  Issues

q Broken or Crumbled Mortar

q Porous Tiles

q Loose Ridging Tiles

q Improper Design or Structure

As roof repairs specialists in Melbourne, we suggest that an inspection of your roof should occur every 10 years or so to ensure regular upkeep and the avoidance of major problems.


Examples of Roof Repairs:

Types of Roof Repairs in Melbourne

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Pre and Post Roof Repairs

Emergency Roof Repairs:

Emergency roof repairs may be required after severe weather because leakage can often occur.  If leaks happen, we recommend you protect the interior of your home and where possible remove excess water and check drains and gutters for blockages.

If the problem continues, Melbourne Roof Cleaning and Restoration can inspect the roof and locate the source of the leak and perform emergency roof repairs. 

It is generally not advisable though to do roof repairs until after the severe weather has ceased due to danger of high winds and lightning.