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As Melbourne’s Roof Restoration Specialists we offer:   
   Roof Repair and Leak Repair
   Roof Cleaning & Gutter Cleaning
   Replacement of broken roof tiles on Roof
   Re-bedding & Re-pointing of Valleys, Ridges and Gables
   Roof Painting and Sealing of Roof 
   Whirley Birds -  Roof Ventilation
  All roof surfaces - Cement Roofs, Terracotta Roofs, Metal Roofs

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The 7 Step Roof Restoration Process to ‘Extending the life of your Roof’:

Melbourne Roof Cleaning & Restoration follow an 7 Step Roof Restoration Process to achieve

the best outcome for your roof. 

For Cement Roofs

Step 1:     Replacement of all Broken Tiles on the Roof

Roof tiles are exposed to harsh climate elements and to structural shifts in the ground and across house frames.  Over time, tiles can either crack or have their protective coating worn off.  This causes your roof tiles  to become porous and fill with moisture or gain a build up of moss and lichen.  Cracks and rot can also eventuate.  Melbourne Roof Cleaning & Restoration will inspect the tiles and will replace or repair any broken ones.


Step 2:     High Pressure Roof Cleaning

Roofs in Melbourne get dirty as a result of air particles, mould, fungus and lichen growth.  Both cement and terracotta roofs are prone to this occurring.  High pressure cleaning is used by Melbourne Roof Cleaning and Restoration to eliminate this dirt and mould.  Gutters and high external walls affected by dirt are also cleaned. 


Step 3:    Valley Irons. Flashings and Battens Repaired on the Roof

On many occasions, valley irons may have rusted over time and may need replacing. In addition, lead flashings or timber battens may also need to be repaired.  Melbourne Roof Cleaning will advise if this is required and will address any affected areas.


Step 4:     Re-Bedding of Roof Ridges on the Roof

Roof Ridges play a significant role in protecting your roof.  Re-bedding means that the capping tiles are lifted and the old mortar is removed and replaced as required.   The caps are then reset using quality materials.  

Step 5:     Re-Pointing Roof Ridges, Capping and Gables

All Roof Ridge capping and gables are then Re-pointed ensuring colours match.  This will provide the roof with a “like new” roof appearance. 


Step 6:     Applying Roof Sealer

In a roof restoration, the roof is then sealed using a solvent based material.  This sealer protects the roof from becoming porous, which in turn, protects it from the elements, absorption of moisture and potential structural damage.


Step 7:      Colour Coating of Roof

Two coats of Nutech paint in your choice of colours (Over 40 colours to choose from) is applied on your roof as part of the roof restoration.  This will provide a thick glossy protective coating that will also transform the whole appearance of your roof and home.  Melbourne Roof Cleaning and Restoration are also skilled at exterior design and can advise on the best options for colours, if you require extra assistance.


For Terracotta Roofs

A slightly different process is required for Terracotta Roofs.  For Terracotta Roofs, high quality a Anti-Bacterial De-mosser is applied to eliminate moss and lichen build up prior to high pressure cleaning, leaving a smooth surface.  A Glaze is then applied to all Terracotta Roofs following the Re-Pointing and Re-Bedding process to complete the roof restoration.


All this means....

A Roof Restoration that gives you a Quality Finish and a Great Looking Roof for Years to Come.


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